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Amsoil is an Environmently Friendly Product

    A.J. Amatuzio, the founder of Amsoil, coined the phrase “extended drain” in 1972. He was ahead of his time with regard to motor oils, extended drains and environmental concerns. Only today is the lubrication industry beginning to embrace the idea of extended drain intervals and the benefits provided by extended drains. With AMSOIL motor oil, drain intervals are extended up to 11 times the conventional recommendation. Extended drains are no only cost effective but environmentally effective as well, greatly reducing the amount of used oil pollution.
“For the environment, long drain intervals mean less waste disposal, less used oil 3finding its way into sewers and landfills, less oil purchases and fewer plastic containers to deal with. The paradox here, is that in this case, environmentalism and oil do mix.”

   “Do-it-yourself oil changers in Pennsylvania dispose of 11 million gallons of used oil each year. It is estimated that at most, 14% (1.5 million gallons) of this oil is recycled. The other 9.5 million gallons of used oil is dumped into sewers, on the ground, and into trash.”
(Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection) Amsoil is an Environmently Article Amsoil is an Environmently Article Part 2